Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dragonfly by Carrie Sparks McClain

Publish May 27, 2014 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

She swore she would never return… 
…but ten years later, after the tragic death of her beloved aunt, Aubrey Todd finds herself the new owner of her aunt’s lake house that holds her summertime childhood memories, both good and bad. There she discovers that in order to move on with her life, she will have to go back to the sleepy southern town of Walker and the boy that forced her to leave. She quickly learns that not everything is quite what it seems. The lake holds a deep, dark secret to her aunt's story and someone is determined to keep the past in the past.

My Thoughts…

As I started this book I was sure I knew how it would end and I was not far off.  Sometimes that is a letdown for me, in this case I loved it.    Carrie Sparks McClain knew exactly how to keep me reading without giving it all away.    I never saw the who in the mystery of what was found in the lake.  The twists and turns throughout the entire story kept me entertained and unable to stop reading.    I actually dreamed about the Dragonfly house and the lake it was situated on one night.   

The setting of the small town where everyone knows everyone and everyone knows each others business was perfect.   The fact that Aubrey use to visit there every summer and the same people from her childhood still lived there made it so precious.   These were people who care about her and wanted her to be happy.   I do wish I knew the reason behind Aubrey’s tough attitude and her fear of trusting people and letting them into her life, but some things are left to imagine.

This is a book that I will definitely recommend.  I believe most chic-lit readers will enjoy it.   

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