A Novel Review Policy/Contact Us

If you are interested in having myself or Charlotte review your book or your client's book, you can email us at the addresses listed at the bottom of the page. We only review  contemporary,chick lit, mystery, suspense, young adult, christian, historical and some paranormal fiction. Please send us the information about the book, a synopsis of the novel so we can decide if this is something we are interested in reading. We are not paid for our reviews, we review because we love to read and we choice books we feel we would enjoy. 

If there is a hard date you would like the review done by, please indicate this in your email. We will need to know this before accepting a book. We are unable to guarantee a review for any unsolicited review copies. Please note: books are accepted only as a review consideration. Sending us a book to Charlotte or Laura will not guarantee a review. We both have large TBR piles and can't always guarantee a review or a review date. 

The reviews shared on A Novel Review are the thoughts and feelings the reviewer had from the book and is in no way influenced by an outside force. If an author is unhappy with a review, we will take down a review, unless it was a review requested by the author or their publisher. If it was a book was requested from the author/publisher for us to review we will take in down two weeks after I receive your email. This allows our followers a chance to read the review. We let our followers know upcoming book reviews we are working on, so we feel they should have the opportunity to read the review.

When a review goes live on our blog we will add our reviews on other sites. Please let us know if you have a preference to where we post our reviews. We will also post our reviews to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Goodreads (I also add them to Shelfari). 

We will consider e-versions of books, but please check with us before sending (we both like to go back and forth between bound books and our e-readers). 

Because of the high volume of emails we receive we can't always respond to every email. We want you to know we appreciate each request!

Happy Reading,