Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Charmed Soul by Christine Wenrick

Reviewed by Charlotte

Olivia has left Caleb on his own to realize that their love is true, not something he feels because she is a Charmed.  While Caleb is figuring this out, Olivia goes with the Brethern to learn and train her special skills.  While training Olivia finds out the true story of her family, including that she has a family member still alive.

Olivia returns to Caleb, after he comes for her.   Alec, Olivia’s guardian must accompany her to be sure she is kept safe.  Alec and Gemma start having feelings and a relationship starts.  This causes Jax, the matriarch of the coven to hide his hurt feelings over Gemma leaving the house to live at the condo in the city.  Olivia pushes both Jax and Gemma to discuss their feelings in hope of a happy ending for them both.

The Charmed Soul is book two of the Charmed Series.  Many times in a series the follow-up nooks do not live up to the original book, in this series that is not the truth.  If anything this book was better then the first book.  The story of Olivia continued as if it never ended, picking up right where book one took off.

I loved how the piano from the first book (incredibly hot scene) was included with another incredibly hot scene.  The love and attraction Olivia and Caleb felt for each other was portrayed as so intense and personal that at times I felt myself blushing or feeling like I should look away.

At the end of the first book I was hoping that the follow up book would have more of  Jax and Gemma’s story and Christine did not let me down.   Finding out more of their history, both together and before they knew each other, only made me want their happy ever after more.  And I was not disappointed .
The last page of the story has left me craving the next book in the series.  The Charmed series in a set of books I most definitely will read over and over again.  I cannot wait until book 3 will be available.

Buy it!

I was given the honor of reading an ARC copy given to me by the author, Christine Wenrick.

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