Friday, November 23, 2012

Bicoastal Babe by Cynthia Langston

reviewed by Charlotte

Lindsey Miller got a dream job tracking the hot trends and writing about it in “The Pulse.”  The only problem is she isn’t really sure what the hot trends are or how to track them.  By taking this job, she has to give up the comforts of her home in Chicago and become a Bicoastal Babe, spending a couple weeks in New York and a couple in Los Angeles.

In each location she is on the “in” list to visit all the hot spots.  Getting invited to the hottest clubs, cafes, and parties is a huge perk.  Lindsey also has a boyfriend in each city and feels guilty about this.  When her partner portrays her as un-hip during a television interview she fears her job is over and that she will have to decided whether to live in glamourous Manhatten, laid back New York, or head home to Chicago.  

I read this book quickly.  The writing and story flowed together perfectly, keeping the story going with no lagging.  Lindsey is the character I instantly loved.  She is so real with flaws and all. The fact the Lindsey took her dream job with very little knowledge of what to do made me shake my head and smile, but I loved that she never gave up and eventually became the stronger of the two ladies writing “The Pulse.”

The ending (I won’t give it away) left me hoping for a sequel.  Never ever would I have ever thought up an ending like Cynthia Langston did, but I loved it.  Everything about BiCoastal Babe was wonderful.  I would highly recommend this to any of my girlfriends. 

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  1. A guy on each coast? Sounds like a fun read. :) Thanks for the review.