Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Double Click by Lisa Becker

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Double Click starts six months after the first novel by Lisa Becker, Click: An Online Love Story.  It picks up right where the first left off.  Renee, Shelley, Ashley, Mark, and new character Cassidy all exchange quirky emails telling the story of their lives.  There is a marriage proposal, a new baby, and of course new loves. 

This book is made up entirely of a series of emails between best friends and their mates.  These emails made me laugh, smile and nod my head knowingly.  All the questions I had at the end of the first book were answered.  As writh any good book I am left wondering what will happen next.  Will Shelley find love and will Mark finally find his soul mate, even if she is a cat fanatic.

I loved the cover to this novel.  It is so perfect for the content.  It grabbed me and begged me to start reading.

The funny, quirky, and close-knit group of friends made me look at my friends and compare them.  I was shocked at some of the similarities that I found.  The emails these friends shared were in email form, but were actually a running conversation that was easy to follow and easy to feel part of.  I did wonder how any of them got any work done and if their bosses knew how much time they spent sending personal emails. 
I am anticipating another novel in this series and cannot wait.  If you are looking for a fun read.  I will definitely recommend this novel.  Although I do suggest you start with the first book so you have a good background on the story.

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  1. Thanks for the great review Charlotte. I'm thrilled to see you enjoyed Double Click as much as the first book. Not sure if there will be another in the series. A friend joked that Renee should fall madly in love with a conservative and we can call in Right Click. LOL!