Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Rockin' Chair by Steven Manchester

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Alice McCarthy suffers from Alzheimers and it is getting worse.  Her suffering is incredibly hard on her husband, John.  With Alice’s failing health, John knows that it is time to call his family back home.  The time has come to make things right within the family.

In true Steven Manchester fashion this book not only was impossible to put down but it tugged at my heart and made me examine my own life. 

As Grandpa John knew his time was coming to an end, he knew that he was partially to blame for his broken family and that before he passed he had to put it right.  I loved how he approached each member with care and concern, not criticizing or placing blame, making them come to their own conclusions of what they needed to fix or make right in their lives.  Every member of the family has their own special memory with Grandpa John and that memory played a role in their becoming a family again.

I, believe it or not, did not cry during this novel.  Teared up a few times, but no tears fell as they did with Steven’s other novels.  I think this is cause I knew what was coming and was so engrossed in how I would get there I didn’t feel the sorrow as I had before.  The Rockin’ Chair is a sad story, but I felt it was more hopeful.  More full of joy that the McCarthy family could find their way back to each other and become a family again.

The Rockin’ Chair is a novel that when you finish, and it will happen quickly, you sit back and think of the story not quite ready to move on.  This is a  novel I will mention often and for a long time to my friends, recommending they read it themselves.  Please do not pass this novel up or you will miss a great touching family story.

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