Saturday, January 11, 2014

One Ride by Chelsea Camaron

The Hellions Ride #1

Princess of the Hellions Motorcycle Clun, Delilah “Doll” Reklinger knew her life was set to be a Hellion.   She didn’t need to be an Ol Lady to any of the members; she was a Hellion for life due to the fact that her dad was the President of the club.    When trouble comes around the club, threatening Doll’s safety her dad sends her on a long ride with Talon “Tripp” Crew.   Before they ride away the sparks start to fly.  Tripp’s only job is to keep Doll safe.   Doll is off limits and Tripp knows that, but does his heart? 

My Review:

One Ride is a book that I knew, just from the hot cover, was going to be HOT!  STEAMY HOT!   I could not wait to get into it.   Chelsea Camaron wrote a book that I was sad when I finished it.  I wanted more.

Delilah “Doll” is an amazing character.   She is strong, sassy, and knows what she wants in her life.  She speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to share those thoughts with everyone.  Then she meets Tripp and that world is tipped upside down.   The sparks fly off Doll and Tripp.   Before they even get on the bike you know that they are going to get into each other.    The best part of this book is the chemistry.  It is so strong and so hot. 
I loved this book.   From beginning to the end I could not put it down.  Book two had better arrive quickly, I cannot wait to read more about the Hellion Club.

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