Saturday, April 26, 2014

Whiskey Sour Noir by Mickey J. Corrigan

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Publish March 5, 2014
From Goodreads

 Tami Lee Conkers is a spunky Florida chick who works at a homeless shelter. Cat Avery is handsome, well-educated, articulate, funny and dark. He lives in a bum motel and bartends right down the street from Tami Lee. She falls for him—even though she knows better. The man is a registered sex offender.

Avery claims he's innocent. Tami Lee is following her heart, but she's afraid she knows where that will take her. The love they make feels doomed. All around them, life is going from bad to worse. Especially since the Gulf Stream has stopped moving for the first time in thousands of years.

My Review:

This is a short read with a cast of fun characters.  The plot of this story is different, not your usual bad girl meets bad boy they fall into bed and things get complicated.   This story was complicated before the two even met and it only got more so as the story progressed.   Being that this is a short story it was difficult to get a lot of background and truly connect with Cat and Tami Lee, but it was easy to care about them.  The ending was a surprise, as far as how it got there.   

I enjoyed this novella and will certainly look for more from Mickey J. Corrigan.

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