Saturday, May 10, 2014

Vodka Warrior by Mickey J. Corrigan

The Hard Stuff: Book #2
From Goodreads

A lonely divorcee living in a tacky development in Dusky Beach, Florida, Theresa Tierney is an educated hick and her own worst enemy. She has a wild streak and a bit of a drinking problem, both leading to a few too many bad choices.

When her neighbor’s new roommate arrives, a good-looking body god, Theresa is both curious and disgusted. A brash New Yorker, Vario Fumesti says what he's thinking and looks sexy as hell doing it. The brawny mountain of pumped muscle is mega alpha male. But his frequent hot tub parties with friends from a local strip club fire up Theresa’s anger. In fact, Vario continually makes her feel and do things she isn't expecting.

My Review:

I have become a HUGE fan of short stories and novellas.   Vodka Warrior is exactly that.   This is the perfect quick read that I could not put down.  

I love Theresa.   She is constantly getting herself into laughing out loud situations.   There were many times I felt pity for her, knowing that the life she lives now is not the life that she dreamed of living.     Her “relationship” with Vario was intense and quick.    It proves that there is just a short road between hate and love.    I love that Mickey J. Corrigan portrays Vario one way in the beginning and by the end he is shown in a different light. 

For being a short story, Mickey manages to make me laugh, smile, shake my head, and want more.  I will recommend this story to anyone looking for a quick read. 

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