Monday, April 11, 2011

Georgia's Kitchen by Jenny Nelson

Marriage, family and owning her own restaurant(s) all the things 33 year old Georgia Grey wants and it seems her dreams are close to becoming true. Engaged to marry Glenn, a handsome entertainment attorney, and she is already the head chef of a trendy Manhattan restaurant. All Georgia needs now is a great review and she is on her way to the top.
Suddenly, life throws a fork in her plans. With her personal and professional life in chaos, Georgia heads back to Italy where she studied cooking. Given a second chance to turn around her career, Georgia rises to the occasion and not only is she offered an incredible job but it has the added incentive of a new love interest. When the time comes to make a decision she realizes she needs to accept what she can’t change in her own life and move forward with her dreams.
Georgia is one of those characters who I really connected with right from the beginning of the book. When you start reading about the review and how her slimy boss is going after the restaurant reviewers’ young daughter I could see where things were headed and I wasn’t happy. I was actually mad! So from the very beginning of the book I was rooting for things to work out for Georgia.
As the book moves to Italy, somewhere I’ve never been, I loved the imagery of the countryside and I could actually picture it. Once there, the reader is introduced to a number of new characters for a very short amount of time. I couldn’t get them all straight at first, once I did Georgia moves on and a number of new characters who will be working with her in Italy are introduced. These characters have a larger part of the story and I was able to get to know them a little better. The end of the book moved very fast. I really enjoyed it because it was also frenzied for Georgia.
This is a book I would recommend to a friend, especially one who isn’t where she thought she would be and is struggling with it. And those last few chapters make it hard to put the book down!

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