Monday, May 2, 2011

Deep Down True By Juliette Fay

Dana Stellgarten, is a newly divorced mom trying to balance all the things in her life her kids, her ex-husband, her daughter’s eating disorder, dating, friendships, working, and family. This is simply no easy task. Dana has this very sweet personality and wants to be nice to everyone. She even makes sure to volunteer to prepare meals to families who are dealing with catastrophic illness. The problems seem to grow and she can no longer be sweet Dana. Her ex-husband seems surprised when he isn’t always met by nice Dana, as if he doesn’t understand his actions have caused her an insurmountable amount of stress and being on her own to deal with it all. Once she stops being so nice and becomes more real it gives those around her the chance to see the real Dana. It is only when she is Deep down true to herself does Dana begin to find herself and happiness.  
I enjoyed Deep Down True from the first to the last page. Even though I’m not a divorced mom, I found I connected to Dana Stellgarten just as a mom. The story, the characters, and most importantly the subject matter is simply relatable! I felt the characters were more than just relatable but believable. They could be the family that lives just down the street.  I laughed, I cried-- this was a really good book.

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