Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Woman Who Heard Color By Kelly Jones + Giveaway

Art Detective, Lauren O’farrell, is investigating art stolen during World War ll in hopes of restoring pieces to their rightful owners. She is looking into, Hanna Fleischmann, who was rumored to be a Nazi Collaborator. She contacts Hanna’s elderly daughter, Isabella to probe about Hanna’s past. She is stunned when Isabella not only invites her into her home, but also shockingly announces she has possession of a Kandinsky painting, which was believed to have been destroyed during the war. Isabella believes she must finally tell her mother’s story before history writes it.

Hanna Schmid was just a young girl when she took off from her German country home. She found work in the affluent home of Moses Fleischmann, a Jewish art dealer. The story of Hanna begins in 1900. She begins with working in the Fleischmann home and later Moses realizes her love for art and she begins working in his gallery where she eventually becomes an art dealer. She lives in Germany with her family during World War l. After Hitler takes over the life Hanna knows and loves is over. In order to survive Hanna must do the unthinkable and work with the Nazis. The story of Hanna Schmid is deeper and darker than even her daughter realizes.

I normally give myself a week for a book, but I went over my week mark with The Woman Who Heard Color. I went over because I needed to put the book down a number of times and really absorb what I was reading. It was fascinating to me to read a story about what life may have been like for German’s living during Hitler’s reign. I was completely engrossed in Hanna’s story. I would read for awhile about the changes Hitler was making and would have to stop and realize how blessed I am to live in the US today—no matter what are political views are we are free to have them and to express them.

I tend to read during the evenings and the last few nights I’d lay in bed for a bit and just think about the story…it felt as if I was really reading Hanna’s story. This is a story filled with history, art, mystery, suspense; it is beautifully written and filled with heart palpitating moments. I was captivated by The Woman Who Heard Color. I highly highly recommend it.

 I am thrilled to be able to offer one copy of The Woman Who Heard Color by Kelly Jones to a US/Canada resident. Just post your name and email address in the comment box and tell me why you’d like to win this book or just that you want to win! The winner will be chosen using Giveaway for The Woman Who Heard Color will end on October 24 midnight EST. 

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