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How the giveaway will work. Over the next five weeks I will count up from 5 listing my top 5 choices for books that I believe would make great gifts. You will be able to enter for your chance to win a copy of that week's book plus by entering you are also entered into the grand prize giveaway for all five books. For every week you comment you get an additional entry for the grand prize giveaway. So if you comment on all five books, you get your name listed five times into the drawing for the grand prize. Good-luck!

Narrowing down all the books I read to a list of five was no easy feat. I wanted five books I enjoyed and books I felt would be great gifts to give or receive. 

So what is book #2?

THE ORPHAN SISTER by Gwendolen Gross

My review from earlier this year:

Finding the path to one’s own identity is a story in and of itself, but to be one of three brings about a number of additional complexities. Gwendolen Gross writes a multifaceted story of Clementine Lords’ journey in finding her own path. Clementine is a singleton who was born a triplet with identical twin sister’s Odette and Olivia. She is one with them and yet she is different and not the same as them. She is the odd sister out.

When Clementine’s father goes missing she is pressed to deal with her long standing family issues. A father she loved, hated, wanted his approval, rebelled against, didn’t trust and longed to trust. A mother she felt who hide herself away in her husband’s shadow not fully living up to the strong, smart, independent woman Clementine believed she could be. Her identical twin sisters, who she longed to be one with and at the same time wanted to be different than. While dealing with these numerous family emotions, she is also dealing with finding peace and moving on after losing her ‘other half’.

As Clementine moves forward in finding out where her father went, she has flashbacks of her childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. These flashbacks allow the reader to gain a deeper and greater understanding to the complexity of Clementine. She has a deep need for acceptance and wants to know she is just as much a part of the family as the rest of the ‘flock’. Clementine learns you become your own woman when you no longer look for acceptance from others, but from yourself and to not let other peoples’ lives dominate ours.

Truthfully, the only thing in regard to The Orphan Sister I didn’t like was I didn’t have someone to talk to about it! I’m so glad I can share some of my book love with you! Gwendolen Gross is an amazingly smart writer! She writes beautifully! The book is in a constant state of movement diving into the complexities of family. Even though I’m very different than Clementine I could really relate to her desire to feel safe and accepted. Her relationship with her father (though different) made me reflect on my own relationship with mine. I’d love to go on and on discussing the end of the book, but I do not want to spoil the story for any of you.

I absolutely recommend The Orphan Sister and if you are in a book club this is a must read! Make sure to comment below with your email address for your chance to win a copy of Gwendolen's book. The Holiday Countdown Giveaway is for US residents only. Sorry!

****This giveaway will close on December 16 midnight EST. I will announce the winner and notify them on Saturday. The winner will have 48hours to respond with their address or a new winner will be chosen. By commenting below you will also be entered for your chance to win all 5 books in the Holiday Countdown Giveaway.****


  1. This sounds like a wonderful book. I would love to win it but feel sure I will read it regardless of how I acquire it.
    As the mother of twins, I can relate in some ways.

  2. I would love to read it. Like Gayle said, I would want to read it regardless if I won it or if I saw it at the library or book store ^^

    I love books that delve into the human mind.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Kara DiDomizio

  3. Oh - I really want to read this one. :) Great cover too!

    nicnac63 AT hotmail DOT com

  4. I read this book and absolutely loved it. I would love to have my own copy to keep and reread!

    I can't wait to see what makes the top of your list - they have all be great so far!


  5. Sounds like a good one!


  6. I always enjoy books about finding one's place in a family. Thanks!

  7. This giveaway is now closed and the winner has been notified! Thank-you so much for participating and all your names will be entered into the grand prize. Good-luck!

  8. "Orphan Sister" has dynamic family interactions and a complex story line. The relationships among the sisters evoked feelings about my own family, and at times felt familiar and uncomfortable.
    This is a good read. I enjoyed the journey with the main character, Clementine, as she picks her way through a mine field of problems on her way to full adulthood amidst many disappointments.


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