Friday, April 13, 2012

Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews On audio book

A few months back, I won an audio copy of Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews. I have only listened to one other audio book before and it was non-fiction. I couldn’t imagine listening to a novel. It seemed so odd. My sister on the other hand swears by them. She loves getting downloading them onto her ipod for long cars trips. You see, I’m very visual. When I read a book it’s not just words on a page, but a movie playing in my head and there is no way…no way a book read to me would allow me this same experience. I am here to admit how wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I was. I absolutely loved listening to an audio book! The book was read by Isabel Keating, who was phenomenal! I mean I couldn’t get over how wonderfully she was able to transform all the voices! I found myself looking for reasons to get into the car just so I could listen! I am planning on making a trip to the library and seeing what they have and I’m going to put another book on my iphone so I can listen to it while running (ok—walking) or driving in the car!

Three best friends find themselves in their thirties and only seeing each other when someone dies, these friends decide they need to get together and really catch up! Renting a beach house for the month of August together—and no boys allowed is just what is needed! What they each weren’t planning on is how much they needed each other, as they are all struggling with chances in their lives.

Ellis, the planner, is suddenly without a job and now beginning to wonder what happened to her life—or what life she had now that she was jobless, without a man, and not sure what to do next. The beautiful Julia seems to have everything any woman could want in life, but is plagued with feelings of inadequacy. Last there is sweet Dorie. Dorie, who is all sweet and southerly has just been betrayed in the worst way.

Throw in a hot sexy landlord, Ty Bazemore who is hiding from financial troubles, himself and Maryn Shackleford a stranger running from her husband. What you end up with is an absolute fun summer must read or in my case listen!

I hadn’t read Andrews before, but man am I a fan now. I can’t say I really connected to anyone character, but loved how they all rounded each other out. I loved how they’d chat about old boyfriends and their parents while laughing it up and playing cards. I mean gesh, I wished I could have hung out with them for the month! I found myself laughing out loud and smiling as their story played out. There is just something about books about girlfriends! I mean just fun fun fun. They were right there for each other and didn’t put up with each others…attitudes. There is a budding relationship in the book and loved how it played out. The addition of Maryn or augh Madison…was great. I loved how Julia was looking out for her girlfriends, but at the same time how Dorie would chastise her.

I think what I loved most, was how I really didn’t know how all the stories were going to end up. Sure I had a few suspicions, some were right and some were wrong and for me that is some great story telling. A definite recommend!

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  1. Wow! With a recommendation like that - I'm putting this on my TBR list! Thanks for the great review. :)