Thursday, February 7, 2013

2:32 am by Emily Ford

Reviewed by Charlotte

At 2:32am Cat wakes up to find a mysterious man sitting on her bed, instead of being afraid she felt calm and comfort.  Then he was gone.

Seventeen year old Cat has to make a choice of whether to accept magic or keep living life as she has.  Having moved many times with her family, Cat has settled in Savannah, Georgia.  She has made many friends and reconnected with Todd, a friend from many years before.  Now she has to decide if Todd is her future of if her genie friend, Rolf, is it for her.

2:32 am is a fantasy romance about a young girl learning about a whole nother world.  A world that is either out to get her or wants her to take on some extremely strong magic and join them.  I really like Cat.  For being seventeen she is strong willed and very honest with herself and those around her.  I loved that she did not give in to her typical teenage boyfriend, Todd, and have going away sex with him.  Cat also had great friends.  They shopped, studied, and hung out just as you would expect teenagers to do.  I truly enjoyed reading a paranormal book with so much normalcy and reality in it.

Rolf, Cat’s soul mate, made me leery.  I feel like there is a lot of secrets behind him and wonder if his love is as true as he says it is.  I’m hoping we will get more insight to him in the future books in this series. 
This is the first book I have read about genies and I truly enjoyed it.  I would recommend this to young adult readers or anyone who enjoys fantasy romance books.

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