Saturday, February 9, 2013

You'll Be Swell by Jim David

Review by Charlotte Lynn

Lucy Dixon has inspired to be an actress from a very early age and has worked very hard to accomplish everything.  After acting in some plays and musicals in high school, she heads to New York to make it big.   During a lull she decides to go on a cruise.  The cruise is a vacation from hell.  While pretending to be a Kate Winslet in Titanic she falls overboard and sets of a crazy chain of events that changes her life forever.  Along the way to stardom Lucy Dixon is stalked, charmed by the ship doctor, and held at gunpoint while in a gorilla suit.  Lucy also struggles with her weight, self esteem, and her personal life. 

I can say I laughed out loud many times while reading this funny and witty story.  Every chapter was another story in the life of an over-weight, smart, comedian’s climb to stardom.  The struggle with weight-loss and self esteem is something most women can relate to, although I sometimes felt like it was almost too much of the story.

Lucy was an easy character to fall in love with.  She never totally gave up on her dreams and took the bumps in her path as they came.  She was willing to work hard to get where she wanted to go, but never forgot her friends and family or where she came from.  I loved seeing her be able to laugh at herself and move past her not so glamorous clumsy moments.  A skill I wish I could master.

You’ll Be Swell is a light hearted, fast paced story.  If you’re looking for a funny book that will make you laugh out loud this is definitely the book for you.

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