Friday, March 8, 2013

A PLACE FOR US by Liza Gyllenhaal

Reviewed by Laura Kay

Rich privileged girl meets poor boy they fall in love, get married, have two kids, get a dog and live in a pretty picturesque town. Sounds perfect, it was perfect until the threads of that life slowly get pulled out of the fabric of their lives. Brook Bostock has always deep down worried that maybe Michael had married her for her money, but when her friend shares a long kept secret her insecurities resurface. As she swallows her new information, the world she has created begins to crumble.

Brooke and Michael are away for the night. A teenage girl is assaulted in their home after a night of teenage drinking. Their son Liam is the accused. But he isn't the only one being held responsible, so are the Bostocks because it was their home. The scandal gets national attention because of Brooks family name. Her family believes this gives them the right to tell her what to do. The town she has grown to love begins to show signs of jealousy.

Having been sent away to a private prep school, Liam is dealing with his own demons. Can this family find a way through this together, or is it all too much. The more you read the more family secrets revealed.

A Place for Us, has numerous points of view, which I think really allows the reader to gain greater feelings for each of the characters. There is also a number of flashbacks. I found most of the flashbacks to be useful, but sometimes I'd be confused and then figure out oh this is a flashback.

This for me was one of those books for me that didn't grab me right away. I read the first few chapters and they were good. The whole book reads very quickly and easily. Then the novel started to grab me a little. I really liked Liam and Phoebe. I really liked their story, what they were each going through. I kept reading along and got to know Michael a little more and knew he was hiding something, but WHAT? I really wasn't sure why, but I didn't care for Brooke through most of the novel. She was just so focused on Liam being innocent and to get things to move on she was ignoring so much around her.

Like I was saying the book didn't grab me at first, but as I got deeper into the story the more I wanted to read. The more I wanted to read the story got better and better until I had to finish. If you are looking to curl up with a good novel this weekend, this is a perfect pick. I'm recommending it!

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