Thursday, March 7, 2013

Alberta Clipper by Sheena Lambert

Review by Charlotte Lynn

Christine Grogan has been living with terrible guilt.  On January 20th of each year she spends the day grieving over this guilt.  The rest of the year her life appears great.  She is 28 years old, with a job as a meteorologist at an investment bank, has a loving family, and great friends.  She just has to find a way to move on with her life. 

Mark Harrington is in a relationship that is heading any  where and has realized he has not had any control over it.  Other than that he has everything else going for him.  He is head of an international bank, handsome, and owns his own house.  He just needs to get control of his love life, which he hopes includes Christine.
Alberta Clipper is a true romance story.  Early on I knew Mark was in love with Christine, but Christine was clueless.  Through a Christmas party, conferences, and a New Years Eve party Christine and Mark finally start some type of a relationship.  But I was still hoping Christine would open up and share a part of her that very few know about.  For their relationship to last, and I was hoping it would, they had to have honesty and trust.

It seemed every character in this book had their own short story to add to the main story.  All these stories let me better understand the hows and whys of how each character was as they were.  Everything from insider trading, Christine’s past and office drama were covered making this so much more than just a love story. 

Sheena Lambert wrote a believable story about love and loss and finding your soulmate.  It is also a story of guilt, forgiveness, and betrayal.  I highly recommend this novel to everyone. 

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