Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Collector by Victoria Scott

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Dante Walker is a soul collector.  When the boss man gives him a job with a time limit, he thinks how hard can this be?  That is until he meets his target, Charlie.  Charlie is a quirky, nerd with a true heart of gold.  This job will test his abilities as a collector and bring his past to the present forcing him to deal with what he hasn’t been able to put behind him.

This novel has a lot of hype around it, all my friends cannot wait for it to be released, and you should believe the hype.  From the very first page I loved this novel.  Dante is young, hot, and bad…the perfect villain.  The character you want to hate but still keep hoping he will see the error of his ways.

Charlie is a good girl, unlike any other.  She is what many would call a good-two-shoes and of course attracts the bad boy, Dante.  I kept hoping Charlie would either wake up and take a chance on the bad boy or wake up and get far far away from Dante.  I loved when she told Dante that she saw the good in him, at that point I had a great idea on where the story was heading. 

The young adult novel will certainly be a favorite of many.  I will recommend it to my daughters and their friends, my family, and my friends.  This is a story that everyone, male or female, will love.  The second book cannot get here fast enough.

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