Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Witch’s Daughter by Paula Brackston

Review by Charlotte Lynn

In 1628 Bess watches her mother hang for being a witch.  Bess’ mother knows that Bess will be targeted next and tells her to run to Gideon.  Gideon gives Bess instructions and wakes her powers making her a powerful witch.

Fast forward to present day England.  Elizabeth keeps to herself, moving from place to place to avoid Gideon finding her.  When a young girl, Tegan, comes to her house she cannot fight her loneliness and becomes a friend and mentor to Tegan.  She begins to teach Tegan the ways of a witch.  Together she hopes they can stand against Gideon and end his terror.

This is an amazing story.  The details shared made me feel as if I was in the 1628 England, in the little cottage Bess grew up in.  With every part of history Bess shared I grew to love her character more and more.  I was praying that she would find a way to fight off Gideon so she could live in peace and not be forced to pack-up and move again.

Tegan, I was not so sold on.  She was a typical teenager.  Not quite ready to make a true commitment to her witch educations and constantly making excuses for her absenses.  Near the end I felt a little more sympathy for her.  I mean her first true love is not quite who or what she thought he was.  I would have liked more background on Tegan.

In this novel, I found myself lost in the magic and forgetting time.  Finding myself reading way past bedtime and sad when my family interrupted me.  I highly recommend this novel.  You will fall in love with Bess from the very first chapter. 

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  1. I was drawn to this novel when I first saw the cover, yet for some reason I didn't write down the title. Your review is terrific and the book is now on my list!

  2. I'm drawn to the cover art too! I love historical fiction/fantasy that's got depth, so this sounds right up my alley.