Thursday, March 21, 2013

Anything for You by Jessica Scott

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

This is a short story that continues the wonderful story of Shane and Jen.  Their love continues to grow, but they each live with their own fears.  Shane’s fear that Jen’s cancer will return and he will lose her.  Jen’s fear of Shane returning to war and getting injured again.  Anything for You is the story of dealing with their fear.

All I can really say about this short story is that I still love Shane and Jen.  I do not think I can ever get enough of their love and their story.  The honesty that they share with each other only goes to show how strong their relationship is and how in love they are.  Jessica Scott has proven in this story that Shane and Jen are a couple we should all try to live up to. 

I am very excited for the next novel in this series to be released, the story of Trent and Laura.  If you have not read any of Jessica’s work you are missing out on a great series of novel.  I get excited when I find out that she is writing something else, knowing that I will be able to get lost in another great novel.

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