Monday, March 18, 2013

Gods of Mischief by George Rowe

Review by Charlotte Lynn

George Rowe is tired of the way the motorcycle gang, the Vagos, is treating the residents of his town.  He decides to do something about it and joins forces with the ATF, becoming an informant.  He spends three years with the brothers of the Vagos and is ready to get out.

On top of dealing with the ATF and the gang, he also has to deal with a drug addict, pregnant fiancĂ©e, Jenna.  When he tells Jenna the truth, he realizes he has lived a total lie for the last three years and has lost everything, his business, his home, his family, and even himself.

Gods of Mischief is not the typical story that I would pick up and read, but I was totally enthralled with it.  George Rowe puts it all out there. He digs deep and tells exactly what being in a motorcycle gang entails, not sugar coating any of it.   The life of a 1%-er is not easy but as a tough bad-ass gang member you can make it.

This is a true story told by the man who lived it.  I found this novel full of adventure and fear.  It was heart wrenching and moving.  George is a hero, putting his own well being at risk to help the town and people he calls friends.  Do not hesitate to pick up this novel, you will not be sorry.

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