Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Silver Lake by Kathryn Knight

Review by Charlotte Lynn

Five years ago, Brandy goes missing.  Her tight knit group of friends is devastated.  Now Brandy’s mom is on her deathbed and needs to know what really happen to her daughter, who has been haunting her dreams.  Brandy’s mom contacts Brandy’s friends to come back together at Silver Lake and find the truth of what has happen to Brandy.

Rain, Jason, Allie, and AJ all come together at the lake house.  Rain is recently divorced from her cheating high school boyfriend.  Jason is in a dead end relationship, waiting for the right time to end it.   Allis is happily married with twin autistic boys but is keeping a secret.  AJ comes from a very influential family where only the best is accepted and is also keeping a secret.

As they spend more time together things happen.  Doors slam, things fall off shelved, and a ghost of Brandy is seen.  The group knows the answer is out there and that Brandy is trying to lead them to her.  They just have to follow the clues to get to the answer.

This is Kathryn Knight’s first published novel and all I can say is WOW!  Every character in the book is perfectly developed.  The background given is just enough without giving too much information.  By the end of the story I felt like I had been at the lake house with them all.  Hanging out and experiencing what they had.

The ghost of Brandy gave me chills many times.  The clues she left her friends kept me at the edge of my seat having to know what had happen to her.  I loved that she was more prevalent when all four friends were together.  Some of the clues threw me off as to what happen and some confirmed what I was thinking.
The ending could have gone so many ways, but I am so happy with how it was written.  I feel like everything was settled and the characters all had their lives put right. 

I could not put this book down.  I highly recommend this story to everyone.  Romance, drama, renewal of friendships, and ghosts.  Sounds like something for everyone.  I cannot wait to see what Kathryn Knight writes next.  

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review, I'm thrilled you enjoyed Silver Lake!