Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Living Room by Bill Rolfe

Review by Charlotte Lynn

The Living Room is a short story that is actually one of Bill Rolfe’s dreams.

Daniel Clay started in the mail room of his guardian’s, Art, investment firm and is now almost a partner.  Before being given the partnership, Art tells him he needs to change his non-existent personal life to an existent personal life.  When an uncle he never knew existed leaves him a house in England Daniel decides to head to England to check out the house and take a short vacation.

After a mishap while fixing up the house, he meets Clair, a pediatric nurse.  At her suggestion he opens his house to her terminal patients hoping to make their final days more comfortable.  With each child, Daniel prays for a miracle and the prayers get answered.  With each answered prayer Daniel gets sicker and sicker and is in need of a prayer of his own.

This novel has a religious element that I very much enjoyed.  I believed in miracles and have seen it happen.  The fact that Daniel had miracles happen around him makes him the type of friend we all need, just because he believes.   But even a non-believer of miracles will enjoy this story.

Daniel is the main character and had a lot of changes from the start of the story to the end of the story.  These changes were definitely for the better.  He goes from being a lonely, over worked man with no social life to a man whose found love and enjoys giving back to society.

I could see where this story was heading, but enjoyed the path Bill Rolfe took me on to get there.  This is an emotional story that will pull you in and make you glad you read it. 

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