Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sky by R.E. Palmer

Review by Charlotte Lynn

Taken from Amazon:

Teenager Tomas Moone thinks he may be losing his mind.

For years, he has seen the face of a girl called Sky as he sleeps. He and Sky share previous moments together in his dreams, providing comfort and solace after the sudden death of his father.

Then Sky disappears, and is replaced by another, Selene. She whispers promises to him, takes him to new and wondrous places while he sleeps. Despite this, Tomas misses Sky and longs to find her again.

When Selene appears in physical form, revealing the secret of whom she really is, Tomas is stunned. Suddenly, he has a new reason for living – to save mankind, and find the girl of his dreams.

But Tomas is unaware that Selene has hidden plans for him – plans that threaten him, the girl he loves and everything he holds dear…


Sky was written from many characters point of view, which I enjoyed.  I was able to get a lot of background from each character making it easy to understand and relate.  Tomas seemed to be the main character, the point of view mostly told from his perceptive.

Tomas was someone I understood.  Young insecure, with a good sense of right and wrong.  He met Sky in his dreams and knew he would do anything to save her.  But this is much more than a love story.  I would categorize  it more as a fantasy novel.  There was some horror to the story and that is not my thing, but I was able to read through it and enjoy the whole story.

This is the first book in this series.  The next due out June 2013.  I recommend this to male and female readers.   

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