Monday, March 25, 2013

Blue Jeans and Coffee Beans by Joanne DeMaio

Review by Charlotte Lynn

Maris Carrington heads back to New England to settle her father’s estate.  While cleaning out the house she discovers a family secret, which she has to solve before moving on with her life.  Maris also reconnects with her old summer friends.  One of her friends has passed away, another is unemployed and having marital problems, one is desperate to know her biological parents, and the other is dealing with guilt from a decision made a long time ago.   Everyone supports each other and helps them to deal with their issues.

While Maris is the main character in this novel, I found myself looking for Jason, the friend dealing with guilt, throughout the story.  His story line touched me the deepest.  I hated seeing him struggle so much with his life.  Yet, he was the one who stayed the strongest for everyone else.  My favorite part was when he finally opened up and shared his demons, therefore dealing with his guilt instead of keeping it buried.

Since I am reading this during the winter, I find myself feeling the heat of the sun and the hearing the crash of the waves, enjoying it enough that I dreamt of it.  The descriptions of the scenes were that real to me.  I could see the boardwalk, feel the sand, and see all the cute cottages on the beach.  Joanne DeMaio did an amazing job of making feel like I was part of this group of friends. 

Anyone looking to get away from their everyday life should pick up this book.  Maris and her friends will welcome you with open arms.  

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