Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Knight on Horseback by Ellen L. Ekstrom

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Looking after her family, going to school to get her masters in history, and working full time is wearing on Violet Ellison.  At a concert she meets her dream man, a rock star she has had a crush on her whole life, Christian.  Violet leaves her children, husband, and life to follow Christian to his home and to study her history.  She knows she has some tough choices to make and just needs the time and space to figure it out.

This was a fun read.  I remember who my star teenage crush was and as I read I put myself in Violet’s shoes, imagining how I would feel meeting and falling for that person now.  Although, I know that I would not leave my children and husband.  I felt that was very selfish of Violet.  I did understand why she could leave herself absorbed cheating husband.  He was a horrible husband and father.

The romance between Christian and Violet made my heart flutter.  The way he worshipped her, with his actions and word, was how love should be.  He even wrote songs for her and about their relationship.  The saying distance makes the heart grow fonder is proven in this love story.

This book is full of romance and some humor.  If you love reading about knights in shining armor check this out.  You will not be sorry.

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