Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pink Wellies and Flat Caps by Lynda Renham

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Alice Lane’s hours at work get cut back, her fiancĂ©e breaks off their relationship weeks before the wedding, and she has to sell her flat.  Talk about bad luck.  Alice accepts a new job as a live in farm manager and realize the job is not quite what she was led to believe it to be.  She has to feed the chickens and collect their eggs, take care of a calf(who she falls in love with), and keep the filthy neglected house clean, all while dealing with a moody boss, Ed Ward.

“Only a man could drop a bombshell on you while you’re sitting in a fitting room with your tits hanging out.”  If that first line of the novel doesn’t make you chuckle or at least smile, then our sense of humors are very different.  When I read that line I knew this book would be one I could not put down.

Linda Renham’s writing style makes this a fun and east book to read.  The arguing between Edward and Alice was so entertaining.  You could feel the chemisty between them jumping off the page and could only hope for them to figure out how to make it work.  I found Alice to be a very dramatic character.  Her over active imagination caused her to make things much more than what it really was, but it made this novel so entertaining. 

Pink Wellies and Flat Caps is a fantastic read with lots of laughs.  I will definitely share this with my friends.  

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