Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Next Time You See Me by Holly Goddard Jones

Reviewed by Laura

In the small town of Roma, KY, a woman goes missing. Like many small towns in the 90's there are lines drawn by how much money you make and the color of your skin. Those lines become blurred when Ronnie Eastman is missing and the lives of numerous residents are about to collide and will never be the same. 

At the tender age of thirteen, is an awkward girl, a loner, an outcast. Emily is hiding a dark secret. Suzanna is a teacher, wife and mother. She is struggling with her marriage and the decisions of her past when her sister goes missing. Wyatt, an older guy who has spent his life in a factory and never found love. Last, Tony. Tony a former baseball player who had been perusing his dreams to play in the major league, when an accident cost him his career--sending him back to Roma. Their lives become more and more tangled until the shocking end. 

The Next Time You See Me is told by multiple viewpoints, I really felt this allowed me to 'see' the characters as others saw them, as well as get to know them. By doing this I really got a sense of each of them, making me more sympathetic to them, where written differently I might not have. Even though the story is told using multiple points of view, it was very easy to follow along. 

I really enjoyed being swept away into this mystery/suspense novel. The most well written descriptions I've read in a book, I could hear the sticks cracking and leaves rustling about as Emily walked through the woods. The cast of characters were all flawed, so I never really loved or hated any of them. At the end of the story, I was surprised by my final thoughts of the different characters. Even though I pretty much figured out the 'who done it' part of the book pretty early on, I really enjoyed the book. The characters really drove the story, so the story became less about the who and more about the why. I am recommending The Next Time You See Me!

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  1. Terrific review, Laura! You've hooked me. This book is definitely going on my list.