Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Crumble by Fleur Philips

Review by Charlotte Lynn

Sarah McKnight and David Brooks are high school sweetheart senior anxious to graduate and head off to California to go to college.  At UCLA they will not have to hide their relationship.  Sarah is a white girl.  David is a black boy.  Their relationship is not accepted in their little town of Kalispell, Montana. 

George, Sarah’s father and only parent, owns a local gun shop and does not hide his dislike of black people.  Alex Mackey is a classmate of Sarah’s and comes from an abusive family.  He has been taken under George’s wing.  When George learns of Sarah’s relationship with David he shares his feelings with Alex.  Alex, who has loved Sarah for years, takes on George’s hate and decides he has to make sure things end up “correct.”

I am not sure I can write a review that will truly tell how amazing Crumble is.

Sarah is an amazing character.  It was hard to like that she had to hide a relationship with a boy that treated her like a princess and loved her.  I did like that she didn’t let society run her feelings.  Sarah is an incredibly strong character.  Her relationship with her father was the same type I have with mine.  So it hit close to home that she had to hide something from him when she was able to share everything else with him and he supported her fully.  Then when the truth came out George could not love her enough to support her and be there for her.

Alex scared me from the beginning.  With his family background and self esteem issues I could feel that he would be trouble.  Unfortunately, due to the society we live in, I knew exactly where his life was headed.  Knowing that too nothing away from the story.  I was stuck to every page.  Unable to skip a single word.
Crumble is amazing.  Anyone who went to high school or kept a secret from their parent will need to read this novel.  Fleur Philips out did herself again.  She is certainly one of my read authors.

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