Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Cost of Living by M.L. Pressman

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Caroline, C.C., Kurchowski has grown up with just her mom, Jean Kurchowski.  She has had to live with her mom’s thrifty ways and the collection of free, almost free, promotional giveaways, and other great deals that cover almost every corner of their house, yard, and garage.

This is the story of C.C having to deal with this.  The story of the relationship between mother and daughter.  A daughter’s journey from being a young child to an adult with a hoarder as her only family.

A hoarder is an unknown to me.  My life has been all about cleaning out.  As I read about C.C.’s life with her mother I felt sorry for her.  Originally it seemed like she was being neglected.  Her mother appeared more concerned about the great deals she can get than the welfare of C.C.  As I kept reading I was able to understand and sympathize with Jean.  Realizing that she did care.  That she did know what was happening with in C.C’s world.  The problem was Jean could not help herself, she could not stop getting good deals and keeping everything.

The Cost of Living opened my eyes and my heart to the world of hoarders and their families.  It was easy for me to say just bring in the dumpster, but after reading this my attitude has been adjusted.  I still feel sorry for the family of the hoarders as no one should be forced to live like this.  But I have more understand, more compassion for Jean and the life she could not escape.

This is an eye opening story.  A story that anyone who has a mother will find something they recognize, something to relate to.  I will certainly recommend this novel to all.

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