Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Time Between by Karen White

Reviewed by Laura Kay

Eleanor Murray is a dutiful daughter and sister. After working all day, she comes home to cook and take care of her sister who has paralyzed.Eleanor carries the weight of her sister's accident on her back, because the accident was her fault. Not only was she to blame for her sister's fall, but Eleanor is also in love with her sister's husband. Her boss offers Eleanor a part-time job to be a companion to his elderly aunt on the island of Edisto. Edisto, is where Eleanor grew up and she very much so missed her childhood island. 

Eleanor takes the job and comes head to head with Helena. Helena isn't happy with Eleanor, something about her reminds her of herself and her sister she just lost. Eleanor doesn't plan on going anywhere and her seemingly weak personality must find strength in dealing with Helena. As the two women spend time together, Eleanor begins to question the older woman's past. As Helena begins to bring Eleanor in, Eleanor begins to realize she has the power to decide what future she wishes to have. 

I very much enjoyed THE TIME BETWEEN. Like Karen's other books, there is a bit of a mystery to the story. Helena is clearly hiding something big. I can't say the mystery in this book was as shocking or as large as some of Karen's other books. However, I would say this was an amazing book on character development. Both Eleanor and Helena have a past with their sisters, how they have dealt with their guilt is examined. Where guilt takes you and where it can leave you. 

I really enjoyed watching how Eleanor seemed sort of mousy at first, but once in Edisto it was like she found her center again and began slowly allowing "Ellie" to come out again. The more time she spent with Helena and away from her family you really got to see her grow. I really felt White did a great job of making Eleanor's whole family broken. Even Helena is broken. When Eleanor comes to the house and the curtains are closed, it was like Eleanor couldn't live in the dark while in Edisto. 

I don't want it to come across, as I didn't enjoy the mystery of Helena's past. I really did. I had expected it to turn out a little different. I liked that the mystery aspect of the story really enhanced the character development. When I finally learned the whole story of what Helena's was keeping I just sat there crying. It was so heartbreaking. 

A wonderful story, with even better characters! I am definitely recommending THE TIME BETWEEN.

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