Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Hypnotherapist, Ellen O’Farrell, has fallen in love with widower, Patrick.  The problem?  He has a stalker, Saskia.   His ex-girlfriend follows him around, sends him texts, and just won’t leave him a one.  This does not scare Ellen.  It intrigues her.   She wants to meet Saskia, what she doesn’t know is that she already has.  The stalker is one of Ellen’s clients.

This was an easy book to read and get into.  The dialogue  was natural and easy to follow.  Even easy to feel as if you are part of the conversation.  By the end of Patrick and Ellen’s date where she learns of the stalker I was needing to know who the stalker was and how Ellen would handle it.   I had more fear of Saskia than Ellen and Patrick seemed to have.  This bothered me.  Especially due to the fact that Patrick has a son, Jack, who was also being followed by Saskia.  I wanted Patrick to go to the police and file charges to be a man and get his life back, and to keep his family safe.  He needed to step up and protect the ones he loves.

I really enjoyed that this story was told from two point of views.   Ellen’s and Saskia’s views were so opposite while telling of the same event.  Ellen’s curiosity about Saskia intrigued me.  I am not sure that I could be as calm as she was if I was in the same situation.  I felt pity for Saskia, which was something none of the other characters in the book felt for her.  Saskia needed help, major help, and everyone seemed to feel that if they ignored her she would go away.

The Hypnotist’s Love Story was a creative story with some dark moments.  I truly enjoyed it and will recommend it to all my friends.

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