Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sea Glass Island by Sherryl Woods

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

With all the kids home again Cora Jane is thrilled.   Emily and Boone are getting married.   Gabi and Wayne are happy with their newborn Daniella.     Samantha is the next project for Cora Emily and Gabi.

Samantha has been in New York as an aspiring actress.    Lately things have not been going so well.  She has come home for Emily's wedding and found out the best man is none other than Ethan.  The star football player, war hero and local doctor who Samantha has had a crush on since forever.    When they spend time together sparks fly but can they each get over their own stubbornness and past?

Sherryl woods manages to pull you right in with each novel in this series.    It helps to have read the first two as the story refers back to the happenings but each novel has its own story and is beautifully told.    The sisters in this book are as close as sisters can be and always have each others back. Even if that means laying it all out there whether good or bad and then standing back and hoping for the best.    I loved how they stood up for each other but also told them how it was.  Knowing that feeling could be hurt but that their relationship was strong enough to pull through.  I'm sure I said this in my other reviews of sherryl woods series but that is the relationship my sister and I have and I cherish it so much.

Cora Jane is my favorite character in all three books but especially this one.    In sea glass island Cora is given a backseat in the meddling and the other girls take over.    I can see Cora coming to terms that her whole family is happy and in love.   I feel her settling down and being comfortable in her world as every grandma should be.

This is a novel for every family girl and romantic.   I will highly recommend this and look forward to sharing it when it is released.

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