Thursday, June 13, 2013

Is This Tomorrow by Caroline Leavitt

Review by Charlotte Lynn

Divorced, mother, and a Jew in 1954 are all working against Ava Lark.  She moves to Boston with her son Lewis and he becomes friends with a brother and sister, Jimmy and Rose.  One afternoon Jimmy goes missing.  The neighbors turn on Rose and Lewis.  Rose and her mother, Dottie, move away leaving Lewis friendless.  Years later Rose and Lewis reconnect and go about solving the mysteries of their childhood.  Will these secrets keep them together or tear their lives apart?

Is This Tomorrow is a mystery with a lot of suspense.  The suspense made me keep reading but the mystery of Jimmy’s disappearance kept me up late at night.

Caroline Leavitt made characters that I could relate to and care about.  I wanted to live next to Ava and Lewis so I could be her friend, a friend she desperately needed.  Lewis needs someone to keep an eye on him when Ava was working.  I could have been that person.  I would have been there for Jimmy and then his family.  While reading I was lost in the neighborhood seeing myself living there.  I wonder what they would be doing now.   How their lives have turned out.  Did they move past Jimmy’s disappearance, but never forgetting?

This novel shows how people’s prejudices against others can affect their lived.  It shows the strength and determination a mother can have and how she can give her family the best life and succeed.  I high recommend this amazing novel.

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