Monday, June 24, 2013

Meet Me At Cupcake Café by Jenny Colgan

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Issy Randall grew up in her grandfather’s bakery.  That means she can bake.  When Issy’s boyfriend, Graeme (who is also her boss) fires her she is at a loss of what to do.  On a whim she signs a lease for a store front and opens her own bakery, Cupcake Café.

This is a warm and funny story that I could not put stop reading.  Although the story was a little off-the-wall.  Issy was warm hearted and a little annoying.  She was blind to a lot of what was happening in her world.  She was blind to what a jerk (that is a nice word) Graeme was and how horribly he was using her.  She was blind to how unfit she was for her office job.  She was blind to a lot of other things happening in her life.  But I have to say she had a heart, a huge heart, for everyone she encountered whether a stranger, customer, or friend.  I’m not sure I know anyone like Issy.

Immediately you could tell who the bad guy and good guy would end up being.  It didn’t matter to me.  I enjoyed getting to know them, especially the good guy Austin.  He won me over when it was shared that he gave up his dreams to raise his baby brother when his parents passed away.  Austin had his moments but for the most part I love him.

Meet Me at Cupcake Café is an entertaining novel that I certainly recommend to all my friends.

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