Friday, May 31, 2013

A HUNDRED SUMMERS by Beatriz Williams

Reviewed by Laura Kay

In 1931, All the boys were crazy for Budgie Byrne. Budgie was the life of the party and knew how to get what she wanted by just batting her eyelashes. Lily Dane was nothing like Budgie, but the two were the best of friends since forever. Lily was used to all the attention being on Budgie, until good looking Nick Greenwald had eyes only for Lily.

Fast forward to the summer of 1938 in Seaview, RI. Lily is summering with her 6 year old sister, mother and aunt when Mr. and Mrs. Nick and Budgie Greenwald walk back into Lily's life. Budgie wants to pick up their friendship like she hadn't just married Lily's former fiance. Lily being her sweet self goes right back to being Budgie's faithful friend. Soon Budgie's old self returns with wild parties, but she is determined to help Lily find love, too. 

As summer progresses, it's undeniable that the feelings between Nick and Lily are still very present. Before Lily can move on she needs to get to the truth behind what happened between the two of them years ago, unexpected truths emerge changing everything for the two! Just as the truth is revealed a cataclysmic hurricane falls on their beautiful summer town, bringing with it lifetime changes.

This is a beach read you need to get your hands on! I loved how the story moves forward in 1931 in one chapter and in the next chapter 1938 moves forward, so you know something has happened but you don't know what or you think you kinda do. So good! I mean you fall in love with Nick and Lily in the 1931 storyline. You can't really imagine how things could pull them apart, but you need to know! And you don't know whose fault it was that they are no longer together. I don't want to say to much more about the story, because I don't want to ruin it at all. I wish I was part of a book club cause I would love to chat about A HUNDRED SUMMERS!

I seriously loved this book! A HUNDRED SUMMERS has it all: sex, love, lies, betrayal, cover-up! If you are looking to buy a book for the beach this is the one! Highly recommend! 

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A HUNDRED SUMMERS by Beatriz Williams 

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  1. Excellent reading. I fell in love with the characters and the author gave the story line enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. She did a wonderful job of developing the characters so you really felt like you knew them. I loved the main characters and there's nothing better than throwing a self-centered, devious woman into the mix that you despise. I'll be watching for more from this author!