Friday, May 17, 2013

Seduction: A Novel of Suspense by M. J. Rose

Reviewed by Laura Kay

The most stunning novel I've read this year is SEDUCTION by M.J. Rose. I've not read tons of historic fiction, but it is a genre I am finding I very much enjoy. I've found many of the historical books have a contemporary feel to them. This is not the case with SEDUCTION, I immediately felt transported back in time. Rose's writing style was haunting, aged and authentic.

SEDUCTION moves back and forth between Victor Hugo's story taking place in the 1840's and present day. While reading Hugo's story I was mesmerized and I wasn't pleased when I would begin the next chapter where I was back in the present with Jac. Here's the thing, I wasn't pleased when I left Jac's story back to Hugo either. I found myself completely engrossed in each of their stories never wanting to deviate being equally fascinated by both stories as I was trying to figure out the connection. 

This was my first book by M.J. Rose I've read and I am now a fan! I was incredibly taken in by SEDUCTION, a suspenseful fictional account of Victor Hugo using an outline of his real life. He is living in Jersey in political exile from Paris. His eldest daughter drowns. In an effort to know she is alright Hugo enters the word of séances evoking a sinister entity. 

The present day story is about Jac L'Etoile, a mythologist who is suffering from a great loss and looking for an escape. Jac receives a request to help her old friend, Theo. Her adventure takes her to Jersey, for the first time...or is it? She is hoping to discover the island's Celtic history, but while there she and Theo begin searching for the lost journals of Hugo and suddenly everything begins to intersect. 

SEDUCTION had me totally engrossed, it's beautifully written and made my heart race making it difficult to put down. I am in awe of how talented M.J. Rose is as a writer, her writing is brilliant! I could gush and gush about this novel! Once you think you know what's going on you will soon realize you don't! Phenomenal! A suspense filled novel from beginning to end! I am highly recommending this!

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