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Reviewed by: guest blogger Alyssa Kay

From the first chapter, I was hooked on Beth Reekles' The Kissing Booth. The story begins as Rochelle Evans, Elle as she likes to be called, and her best friend Lee Flynn are deciding on what their booth for the school carnival should be. After some hardcore Google-ing, they finally decide to do a kissing booth. Of course, everyone loved the idea. Especially if that meant they may have a chance to kiss the school hunk (and Lee's older brother), Noah Flynn. 

Elle had grown up with Lee and couldn't say that she had never crushed on Noah, but there was no way he would ever go for his baby brother's best friend. Elle had given up on that idea a long time least she thought. When Noah took care of a very drunken Elle, she couldn't help but feel that there was more to his kindness than he lead on. 

It was time for the carnival; Lee and Elle were positive that their kissing booth would be success. The girls were still hoping that Noah would still stop by for a peck despite his firm refusals when asked. Surprise  Noah did show and one of the girls freaked out leaving Elle to fill in. Elle, this being her first kiss, was not to sure about it. When Elle and Noah locked lips, their passion was undeniable. Elle couldn't start dating her best friend's brother! What if they had a bad breakup? There was no way Elle would risk her friendship with Lee for a hottie player...until he kissed her and suggested a secret relationship. 

Everything seems to going great for Elle...that is until Lee sees them together. Lee deserts Elle and gets in a huge blow up with Noah. In all the bickering, Noah leaves home. As much as Elle wants to be with Noah, Lee has to be more important. I mean he's her other half, thier practically twins! After fixing things with Lee, Elle decides to avoid Noah. She just can't be with him even if it feels right. Noah refuses to give up and surprises Elle by asking for her forgiveness and to be his date to the dance. She couldn't say no with him being so sweet, could she? 

I thought Beth Reekles did a fantastic job! I read nearly 400 pages in one night, the only thing stopping me was school the next day. Throughout the story, you're constantly on edge to see if Elle and Noah can be a real couple and how long they can keep this hidden relationship a secret from everyone. I quickly related to Elle and her feeling towards...well just about everything. The Flynn brothers were both such lovable characters. I couldn't help falling in love with Noah, as well as rooting for Lee to find out Elle's secret. I felt like I was Elle, which just made me want to read faster! Although the basic plot was a bit predictable, I felt that Reekles made up for the lack of suprises in character development, authenticity of the situations, and emotional appeal. I've already recommended The Kissing Booth to all of my friends, so now I'm recommending it to you! Especially if you're a Sarah Dessen fan like me. Beth Reekles did a wonderful job and I cannot wait to get my hands on her next book!
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