Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Down and Out in Bugtussle by Stephanie McAfee

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Ace moves back to Bugtussle, Mississippi after realizing her dream life in Florida isn’t all so dreamy.  Reconnecting with her best friends Lilly and Chloe is the easy part, getting her job as an art teacher back at the high school is not as easy.  She accepts a job as a substitute teacher to keep an eye on Cameron, the beautiful woman who has her old job. 

After moving into her Gramma’s old house she finds her gardening books along with some secrets.  Ace decides to get to the truth about her Gramma’s life and figure out the secrets.

Throughout the novel Ace finds herself in so many laughable and somewhat shocking situations.  Her co-substitute teacher Stacey seems to be involved in many such schemes and situations.   They find themselves running away from fires, going to 80’s rock band concerts, and my favorite, the almost ar fight.  Ace is a hysterical and real character.  I wish I had a friend like her.  She is the most loyal to all her friends and is quick to make new friends. 

I found Down and Out in Bugtussle to be perfect for when I was sitting on the beach.  I laughed out loud many times and could not stop reading.  I will certainly share this novel with all my fellow readers.

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