Thursday, July 25, 2013

Emma's Secret by Steena Holmes

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Emma has been returned to her parents, Megan and Peter, and her two older sisters, Hannah and Alexis after being kidnapped two years ago.   The family is struggling with her return.   They are trying to be a family again but each person is fighting their own fears.   Megan takes on the blame of Emma's kidnapping and fears it will happen again.    Peter fights his fear that his wife's anger will tear their family apart.   The two sisters fight to find their places in this family.  One ignoring Emma and one protecting Emma.

I did not read Finding Emma, the book telling the story of he kidnapping, but do not feel that I lost anything  in this book.   I felt Megan's fear and understood her anger.  She had a hard time by having Emma in her sight at all times and by doing this did not give her other family enough attention.  When she figured out that she had to stay focused to find Emma and now that she is back she had to learn to do more planning ahead I could see the ah ha moment happening.  I felt that was a turning point in her life and the life of her family.   Although there were other moments in the book I would consider ah ha moments I felt this was a big one for her.

Peter was an interesting character.  The fact that he never really lied to Megan but did not tell her some very important things that she deserved to know did not endear him to me.  I got it...I understood why he felt he could not confide in Megan but all he managed to do was push her farther away and cause more issues in their family.    His patience with Emma was monumental in his relationship with her.   I feel like he understood her better than anyone else.  He understood her struggles with coming back to the family even though she was loved and adored by the couple that kidnapped her.   I was happy that Emma had his calmness in her life.

This is a novel that will tug at our heart and make you wonder how you would handle this horrible situation.    I pray that I will never have to find out but enjoyed reading Megan and Emma's story.

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