Monday, July 15, 2013

The Wishing Tree by Marybeth Whalen

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Ivy Copeland Marshall finds out that he husband, Elliott, is cheating on her.   She runs back to her estranged mom and sister at their family beach house.    Her sister,Shea, is planning her wedding that is happening very quickly since it is being televised.    In Ivy's return to Sunset Beach, North Carolina Ivy comes face to face with her ex-fiancée, Michael.    Some feelings are rekindles and need to be dealt with.

In order to win Ivy back Elliott takes to twitter and posts his apologizes, posts about their past, posts hopes for their future.   All to win her back.

As Ivy works on the family tradition of the wishing tree for Shea's wedding she reads the wishes for the happy couple and realizes that her plans for the future may be different than what she originally planned.

Before reading The Wishing Tree I had never heard of this tradition.   After reading I would have loved to have it at my wedding.    What a great tradition.   A great way for the guests at your wedding to share their advice and wishes for the happy couple.

Ivy is a real character.   In that I mean she lives a real life.   A life that she thought was going exactly as she planned and then gets thrown so far off the track she doesn't know which end is up.   I felt horrible for her when she found out her husband was cheating on her and applauded her going home to work on her feelings and not just brushing it aside and taking him back.    But when she got home I was really scared that all her doubts would get the best of her and she would throw the love of her life away.   Her family all supported her but yet gave her the space and time to make her own decisions without pressuring her.  I was amazed by how strong Ivy is.  She dealt with a cheating husband, an ex-fiancée, a family that she was estranged with, and yet still managed to get it all back in order and have the wedding go off perfectly.

Marybeth Whalen wrote an amazing story of a woman faith and love.   It was a story of a woman's journey of forgiveness, her own and those she cares about.   I had tears.  I laughed.   And I read, not being able to stop.    This is the perfect summer book.

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