Friday, July 12, 2013

Call Me Zelda by Erika Robuck

Reviewed by Laura Kay

The arrival of the famous Zelda Fitzgerald to a Baltimore Psychiatric hospital forever changes the life of her nurse, Anna Howard. Anna has a past all boxed up in her bedroom closet where she'd like to keep it. Her work and weekend trips to her parents are her life, until Zelda walks in. 

Zelda is sometimes perfectly normal, but things turn so quickly.She seems to be trying to separate her identity from her famous husband, F. Scott Fitzgerald --she is literally trying to write her own story. The longer Zelda is in the hospital the more drawn to the Fitzgerald's Anna becomes. Her friendship with Zelda begins to change who Anna is in ways Anna never expected!

I honestly knew little to nothing about Zelda Fitzgerald before reading CALL ME ZELDA. I really enjoyed Robuck's use of a fictitious nurse to tell a behind the scenes fictional account based around what we can learn about the couple. I, myself was fascinated with the Fitzgerarld's turbulent relationship, they ran hot, they ran cold--their's was a crazy love story. I was always left wondering what the real story between them was. 

I was immediately drawn to Anna or her story, but the more drawn into their life she became...the more she seemed to come alive. It was like their overabundance of energy and life fueled her. Her friendship with Zelda opened Anna up. Just as soon as I found myself enjoying Anna's story, I wanted to pull her back before---and wow what an ending! 

As soon as I put the book down, I jumped on to google to look up pictures of Zelda and to learn more about her. I wanted more Zelda! I was captivated by the store and with Robuck's beautiful writing. I am highly recommending CALL ME ZELDA!

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  1. I so loved how Erika spun this story. I'm glad you enjoyed it, too!