Monday, July 1, 2013

The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

The Firebird by Susanna Kearlsey is the July She Reads online book club book of the month.   

Nicola and Rob have a special gift.  The gift of being a psychic.  When Nicola touches an object she can get a glimpse of its past.   Rob’s gift is more powerful.  He can see the past without any physical connection.  Together they follow a young girl, Anna, through her life from Scotland to Belgium and onto Russia to find the answers of The Firebird.

This novel has it all.  Supernatural, history, and romance.  Never have I read a book that wove it all together so seamlessly.  The jump from the past to the present happens so easily that it appears as one continuous story, but truthfully you are getting two stories in one amazing novel.

Story one is Nicola and Rob.  Nicola works to improve her psychic abilities and accept that she is different.  Rob tries to force Nicola to embrace her differences and learn to do more with her abilities.  On top of all this psychic stuff there is the undeniable attraction between them.  The sparks flew but they both knew they had to tread carefully.

Story two is the story of The Firebird and Anna.  Anna’s story happens during a turbulent time.  A time of spies, kings, counts, and empresses.  The secrets of her past that she had to keep secret made my head spin.   I cannot imagine as a young girl having to live a life of lies like she did and not get tripped up often.  As Anna grew up she became a strong independent outspoken woman.  I was intrigued by Anna and the world she lives in.

The Firebird has rich details and is easy to read and enjoy.  This is not a steamy romance but had enough that I was left with a warm cozy feeling.  I very much enjoyed this historical romance fiction novel and will recommend it to all.  

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  1. Great book and one of my favorite authors. I did a brief review on this book too. Once you have read this one, you should go back and read The Winter Sea and Shadowy Horses. The Rose Garden is in my favorites list as well.

    new follower,

  2. Thanks so much for the advice. I have put them on my wishlist;) And will check out your blog also. Thanks for following us.