Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Need by Stephanie Lawton

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

Isaac is being blackwalled in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama by his family, friends, and even strangers for sleeping with his seventeen year old piano student and then bailing on her when the affair is found out.  All he wants is to hide and feel sorry for himself.

Heather, Isaac’s high school sweetheart, has decided that enough is enough and takes it upon herself to rehabilitate Isaac.  Her methods are not normal methods but then their relationship was never normal.

I was not familiar with the characters in this story as I did not read the first book in this series.  It was easy to catch on to what had happen and why Isaac was feeling the way he was.  Heather on the other hand blew me away.  Maybe I am a little sheltered but the things she did to Isaac and the way she treated him at times made me blush and feel like I was a voyeur. 

Heather was my hero in that she went against the community and her own family to help save Isaac.  Her methods scare me and I did not enjoy them all, but they were creative and seem to be just what Isaac needed to bust out of his poor me life style.  She stood by him when everyone else deserted him and brought him back to the living.

My favorite part of the novel is when they called out Heather’s mom in public and showed her for what she really was.  I love when a villain gets what is coming to her.
This novel has erotica, bdsm, and a dominatrix.  If you are okay with all of that I will recommend this novel to you.

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