Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sky Song by Sharon Sant

Review by Charlotte Lynn

Adopted at three months, Jacob has no idea who he really is or what danger he is in.   Danger by the name of Makash has found him and is hoping to kill him so he can be the watcher.  Jacob must stay alive, keep those he loves alive and become the Watcher of a world he does not remember.

This is certainly a ya sci fi story.   I felt like sometimes there was a little too much narrative and my attention got adverted but just as quickly I got pulled back in and could not put the story down.      From the first chapter I was curious at to what or who Jacob really was.  I was envious of his odd eyes.  How cool would it be to have your eyes change with your moods?!

The fact that he was the odd guy with 2 amazing friends, Ellen and Luce, made him very real.   Ever school has students like him.  As I got to know Jacob better I could understand why he was that odd guy.  Really.   He wasn't even a true human how could he be "normal".   Ellen and Luce were true and tried friends.  Their friendship had gone through some rough spots but yet they managed to keep their friendship and have it grow stronger.

I am curious as to whether Jacob becomes a successful Watcher.  Will he find the other person like him?   Will he be able to come back to earth and see his adoptive parents and friends?    Book two is certainly on my to be read list.

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  1. Enjoyed your review Charlotte.

    Thank you for hosting Sharon on tour.