Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sniper Elite-One Way Trip by Scott McEwen

Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn

The Taliban has kidnapped a female helicopter pilot from the Army’s elite Special Operations Aviation Regiment.  When a classified video is released showing the brutal treatment of the captive the President of the United States cannot decide how to respond or react.  When the other Special Ops forces learn of this kidnapping they decide to rescue her, with or without executive orders.

I truly could not decide if this was a fiction or non-fiction novel.  Sniper Elite kept me wondering.  I hope it is fiction as no human should ever be tortured as Sandra Brux was in this novel.  Part of me hopes it is non-fiction only because I loved the feeling of knowing top secrets, of getting the inside story on the secretive, complex life of the military.   Either way this is a story I could not put down.

The knowledge Scott McEwen showed with his Seal characters and their missions kept me reading.  I felt that I was in the military world living a military life.  The language was sometimes R-rated and the scenes were graphic and brutal but that is all what made this a page turner.  This showed a world and life style that most readers will never get the chance to live, Thank God.  It also gave the reader a true chance to appreciate the military personal and all they do for ourselves.  

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