Saturday, September 21, 2013

How I Exiled My Inner Bitch by Miv Evans

From Goodreads:
Dionne is 36, and still hooked on the imaginary twin she invented to get her through her desolate childhood. With such an odd companion, long-term relationships are impossible and she is doomed to live her life as a serial monogamist, until the Go Along Guy shows up. Greg has denial on intravenous, so Dionne’s quirks simply pass him by and, pretty soon, shallow love blossoms. Unfortunately, however, what are also blossoming are Greg’s teenage daughters. They don’t like Dionne and their hormones are raging.

While the title is what really got me to read this book, I mean who doesn’t have an inner bitch, the synopsis peaked my interest. 

Dionne was interesting.  She was neglected growing up by a mom who didn’t care and triplet sisters who were extremely mean to her.  She reacted by making up her own twin, Lionne.   I found it kind of creepy that she kept this twin well into her adult life.   It was also odd that this imaginary twin had such a huge part in her life.   I understood her need to have someone in her corner, especially when it seemed everyone was against her.  I struggled with her keeping Lionne so active in her life when she was an adult and should have been able to make real friends and deal with real life.   When Dionne finally meets Greg she realizes that Lionne has been holding her back in her life and makes an effort to live, truly live.  I felt this was a FINALLY point in the story and so glad to see her come into her own. 

I found How I Exiled My Inner Bitch an entertaining book and will recommend it. 

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