Monday, September 23, 2013

Introducing Jessie Lane

Let me introduce Jessie Lane.  They are sister-in-laws, Crystal Leo and Melissa Pahl.  Their first young adult novel, The Burning Star,  was released in 2012.  Big Bad Bite, their first paranormal novel was release in January 2013 with Secret Manuevers release in June 2013.  They continue to work on more novels in these two series hoping to keep entertaining their readers with hero and heroines that everyone will love.  

Mini Review:  Kay and her mom, Carli, move to Asheville, North Carolina to find treatment for her terminal cancer diagnosis.  The first day there Kay goes for a walk and is thrown into a world of werewolves, fairies, goblins, and many other mystical creatures. 
Kay has never had a boyfriend and has never been kissed.  When she moves to her new home she meets not one, but two teenage boys who want her attention.  Ryan saves her from a monster dog and makes a date for the very next morning.  Nick comes to install the satellite for their TV and is instantly attracted to her.  Who will she fall for in the end? The Burning Star grabs you before the end of the first chapter.  This book has mystery, romance, and mystical creatures.  Everything I love in books.
Currently, The Burning Star has been taken off the shelves because it's in the hands of a professional editor.  To celebrate the re-birth of their very first book, the girls of 'Jessie Lane' have given the first Star Series book a new cover.  The Burning Star will re-release with the next book in the series.   Here's the NEW cover:
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The Frozen Star is book two in The Star Series.  I am eagerly awaiting the release, which does not have a definitive date yet, but is scheduled for November or December of 2013!  I cannot wait to find out more of what is happening in Kira and Kane's world

Find more information about The Frozen Star at Goodreads

Also, here is an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the 3rd books teaser banner.
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Mini Review: Jenna O’Connor has been extremely sheltered her whole life to keep what she is a secret from “others.”  She is not human nor is she a normal supernatural “other.”  When she gets her dream job in another town, becoming a SWAT team member of the Wilmington Police Department, she jumps at the chance to get away from her own small town and those that have kept her secrets.

First day on the job she runs into Adam McPhee.  Adam is a wolf in human form and is incredibly intrigued with Jenna.  He is obsessive over her.  Needing to know who she is and what she is, but also wanting to have her, to keep her all to himself.  While trying to come to terms with Adam and his pack, she learns a lot about the world that she truly belongs in and has been hidden from for so long.

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 EXCLUSIVE COVER REVEAL!!  Walked on the Striped Side, the story of Gage and Elena.   Add this to your wish list at Goodreads.
Walked On The Striped Side is set to be released sometime between December 2013 and January 2014!  

Jessie Lane also gave me a peek at a teaser banner for the 3rd book in the Big Bad Bite Series, Once Upon A Bite.  Make sure to add this to your wish list at Goodreads

Mini Review:  Teenage love…Bobby and Belle are high school sweethearts deep in love.  When Bobby joins the military he promises to return and that they will live happily ever after.  He then writes Belle a “Dear John” letter that forever changes both their lives.
Fifteen years later, Belle and Bobby meet again when their respective jobs join forces to track down whoever is taking black market guns to Mexico.  Bobby decides that he has to make their relationship right and vows to win back Belle’s trust.
This is a story of first loves and second chances.  Secret Maneuvers kept me having to read more and more.  I thought I knew what Bobby would need to do to win back Belle and then he would go past what I was thinking making me go Awwwww….how romantic, or sexy, or sweet.  When I say sexy, I really mean hot blow your mind sexy.  Those had to be my favorite scenes.

Last but not least, the girls at Jessie Lane listened when they received comments about the cover of their new Contemporary Romance's book, Secret Manuevers. Readers told them that it looked to paranormal.  So, they decided to change it. They want all their readers to know that they may not change every little thing they receive a complaint about, but they do take what their readers say to heart.  So, starting today, Secret Manuevers has a NEW cover!!

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And one last teaser banner for all you Riley Sullivan fans out there!   You can start looking for this book in the Spring of 2014!  The girls of Jessie Lane hope you enjoy a small taste of eye candy Riley!

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  1. Their books sound good. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Their books are the best! I have read them all and LOVED them all.