Saturday, September 7, 2013

Redesigning Rose By Lydia Laceby

Rose Parker opens a bank statement for the first time in years and finds huge amounts of money missing.   When questioning her husband she learns so much more than what happen to that money.   Her life is shattered and she moves out on her husband.   She moves in with Becky, an acquaintance from her gardening class, and her life takes a new turn.  As she struggles with her new life, she is determined not to let the past haunt her. 

The best part of this story is how uplifting it is.  Although it starts rough, with a wife leaving her husband after finding out their marriage has been full of deceit, the story quickly turns into a positive story.  The story of a woman who when faced with a rough road decides to pick herself up and make her life so much better.   She has her days of grieving and beating herself up, but overall she understands that she is strong enough to overcome this.  A huge part of her overcoming is the support of her new best friend Becky, who has a history of a failed marriage and can relate to what Rose is going through, and Rose’s mother, who steps up with 100% support without ever doubting that Rose will succeed in moving past her failed marriage.   Scott, Becky’s brother, and Adam, Scott’s best friend, are also huge supporters of Rose even though they did not know Rose before she moved in with Becky.

I have to say that Scott is probably my most favorite character in this book.  Every book needs some hot and studly men.  Not only did he step to the plate and help Rose in any way she needed but he was just there.   There when she just needed someone to talk to.  There when she just needs someone to sit with her.  There when she needs someone to get her out of the house.  Scott also knew when to step back and not be there.  He never doubted her and showed it in so many ways.  

Becky’s storyline came later in the book and it added so much to the story.  I loved that Becky got a chance to shine and not just be the support system and best friend.   It gave Rose the chance to be that friend that Becky had been for Rose for the whole story.  It also gave me a chance to learn Becky’s history.  I loved how all the characters that rally around Rose now had the chance to rally around Becky and give her the support she truly needed.  

This is a quick and easy read.  I started it just before bed and hated to put it down to sleep.  I grabbed it right up in the morning and barely put it down all day.  This is a novel that I will recommend to all my chic lit readers. 

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  1. Looking forward to reading this one! Thanks for the recommendation, Laura and Charlotte!

  2. I loved this one too, can't recommend it enough!

  3. I have this one on my list. Your review is terrific!